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U.B.P. Internacional Grupo

Business type: Trading Company
Business type: Exporter,
Number of employees: < 5
Annual sales value: Brak danych
Established year: 1995

Security & Protection

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Dear Customers ,

We are large exporter and supplier of Police and Military ,police gas mask , police gas filters , CBRN gas canisters , Military CBRN gas mask , tonfa , Training Handcuffs for Police academy , and many more like Medical Face Shields for Covid 19 .....

Feel free to contact us for more products and details according to your needs and contact us for more informations and price offer .

Best Regards
Y . Moulaert .

Address data

Street:202 Rue saint lambert
Postal code:1200
Phone: +32 475 328530


Contact person

Name and Surname: Moulaert Moulaert
Mobile: +32 466408397
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